Star Wars: Hope's Rebirth

Session 2: The Mean Streets of Coronet, Part 2

The great underground swoop race of Coronet had arrived! Aleena Noliada had used her skills with a hydrospanner to give Kaviss Starshadow’s bike a boost to its engines, Ryyhash Lighthawk entered the race himself, and everybody (minus Ryyhash) put money on Kaviss. No pressure.

It was a harrowing race—aggressive pilots slamming their swoops into one another, avoiding traffic, squeezing through small tunnels. In the end, young Starshadow was victorious, earning a large monetary reward. Ryyhash managed to score a small runners-up pot, which he donated to the Rebels and their cause.

However, the winners of the race were given invites to a special party hosted by Vigo Chandrel Foor, who was always on the lookout for connections. The local Rebels were looking for some of their missing brethren, and the PCs agreed to get as much information as they could at this event.

At the party, Aleena easily sliced a personal computer and found that the missing rebels were being held on a Black Sun station orbiting the planet. However, her slicing set off alarms, and the place was suddenly swarming with Storm Troopers. The group managed to escape, however, and meet back at the Rebels hideout.

There, Jak offered them his personal starship, the Gamera, and asked that they recover his compatriots. Especially since one of them was Kaviss’s father, Kor Starshadow.

The PCs accepted, and took the ship to the space station. However they were greeted by a large force of gun-wielding thugs that Kaviss decided to talk to before the screen faded to credits.


Races, bar-brawls, sabotage, cloak-and-dagger… all of these translate to even more money in my account. Soon enough, I’ll be able to afford a ship of my own and a way off this blasted planet.

The princeling won the race handily, despite a whole host cheats and tricks and attempts against his life. I will never call him a coward, the little adrenaline junky, but I’m hoping I won’t have to scrape pieces of him off of the pavement later.

The hairless Wookie is a fun partner for a spar. Not too troublesome, or spouting rhetoric everywhere. Good with a blade. I look forward to working with him, especially since he’s not greedy for a share of the loot.

Pointy is still being a troublemaker, though her troubleshooting skills are coming back to her. Better at sneaking, better at stabbing, no better at negotiating for a share of the loot.

Aleena, the squirt, is turning out to be ever more interesting. Quick of foot and of thought, if a little inexperienced. And this talk of her family… it…


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