Star Wars: Hope's Rebirth

Session 8: Breakdowns and Repairs

After defeating Xod, the group took some down time, working to repair the Old Republic era Star Destroyer they found half-buried within the mountain. Aleena managed to find parts and hired help to complete the massive project.

Ryyhash, meanwhile, realized he had mastered all that he had learned from Master Odak, and took a repaired Eta-2 found aboard the Star Destroyer to head off in search of Jedi knowledge (player was missing for a few sessions, so… off learning!).

During the construction, Scout, as she was prone to do, disappeared. A panicked Kaviss managed to track her down at a Twi’lek dance party, inebriated and with a boy the Princeling did not approve of.

Cormick and Ashla were out and about working on bounties to provide money for the project, with Ashla getting into trouble with alcohol on a regular basis, and Cormick getting her out of trouble.

Finally, the starship was fixed. It was weaponless and without shields, but it was spaceworthy. It was at this moment that nearby mercenaries, later discovered to have been hired by the Black Sun, attacked en masse, hoping to overwhelm the heroes and claim the recently repaired ship for their own. A small battle-force of infantry along with two squadrons of Vaksai fighters assault the Venator.

The battle was brutal, with Cormick and Ashla leading their “troops” against the trained mercenaries. The togruta murder-machine suffered several wounds, and even Cormick’s armor was scuffed while the Gamera took some hits. In the end, however, the heroes managed to protect their find.

However, all was not well. Jara, still in a turmoil of emotions since her drunken wedding to Kaviss and desperate to be separated from him, chose to capture him when the others were not looking, and hand him over to the Imperials. It took the others some time to notice the Prince’s absence, but when they did, they began to plan to free their stolen comrade.


(String of foul expletives and imprecations)

Everything’s finally starting to look up, and of course that dikutla osik- (descends into more cursing). And now Bralor is following me around like a little lost puppy again, just like when we were kids. He needs to grow up and grow a pair… and that thought scares me, for some reason.

And then there’s Jara, who can’t handle her damn liquor. Causes more trouble than… well, a drunk Mandalorian. I’d ask what’s getting into her, but apparently it’s what isn’t that’s causing the trouble. Girl needs a new best friend, badly.

Still, troubles aside… I’m enjoying life. I’m getting stronger, faster, and better at fighting, making new friends, seeing new places… getting a new ship. Eventually, I mean. Aleena needs a gunner.

Session 8: Breakdowns and Repairs

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