Dia Ven

Caretaker of Yanaa's Household


Dia Ven
Supporting NPC

Aspects: Twi’Lek Caretaker, Yanaa’s Troubleshooter, “Aleena’s my little sister.”

Skills: Stealth +5, Empathy +4, Investigate +3, Contacts +2, Will +1

Stunts: Sneak Attack—When attacking from hiding, Dia Ven can use Stealth to attack. Say What They Want To Hear—When attempting to charm or inspire people, or establish a good connection, Dia Ven rolls Empathy instead of Rapport.

Stress: Physical 2, Mental 3


Dia Ven is a twi’lek servant of Yanaa the Hutt’s. She helps manage Yanaa’s household, and even helped raise Aleena, but she has another side that not many know about—she’s the Hutt’s personal troubleshooter.

When people need to disappear or be silenced, and another way can’t be found, Dia Ven uses up some of her vacation days. When she returns, she’s bright and refreshed—and the target is dealt with.

Even when not “on vacation,” Dia serves her mistress as more than just a steward. She’s an excellent judge of character and has a talent for reading people (Great Empathy). When serving guests she always keeps a close eye on everything and everyone.

Dia Ven

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