Dirk Ravaal

Haggard CorSec Detective


Dirk Ravaal
Supporting NPC

Aspects: Overworked CorSec Agent, The Truth Is All

Skills: Investigate + 4, Empathy + 3, Shoot + 2, Notice + 1

Stress: Physical 2, Mental 2


Life as a CorSec agent isn’t easy in the dark streets of Coronet. Especially for Dirk Ravaal, who was never good at navigating the twisted politics of the Corellian Security Force.

He’s been delegated down to the lowest wrung of the Smuggling Interdiction Division. But he has trouble even here—while on a case chasing a small spice case, Dirk has been yanked off the case to deal with some Imperial issue. Apparently a Jedi is on planet, and the Empire has drug CorSec into the deal.

Dirk Ravaal

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