Gorak and Krok

Yanaa's Personal Muscle


Gorak and Krok
Supporting NPCs

Aspects: Yanaa’s Bodyguards, Thick Headed

Skills: Fight +3, Physique +2, Notice +1

Stunts: Close-Quarter Fighting—When attacking with a blaster pistol, Gorak and Krok can roll Fight against targets in the same zone. Inseparable —Gorak and Krok never leave each other’s sides. They count as a single NPC. Because of their grouping, they calculate physical stress as if their Physique were two ranks higher.

Stress: Physical 2


Gorak and Krok started working for Yanaa as a way to simply pay her in return for hiding out. However, they enjoyed the perks and it eventually turned into full-time employment.

Though they aren’t the brightest blasters in the arsenal, they aren’t slouches, and they do their job with enthusiasm. They even taught a young Aleena to handle herself in a fight.

Gorak and Krok

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