Elite Bounty Huntress


Supporting NPC

Aspects: Ex-Mandalorian Bounty Huntress, Justifiably Overconfident, “Kaviss Starshadow will PAY for what he’s done to me!”

Skills: Fight +5, Stealth +4, Shooting +3, Pilot +2, Athletics +1

Stunts: Physical Training, Dogfighter, Quickdraw

Stress: Physical 3, Mental 2


Once a proud Mandalorian, Jara left her planet and people behind when (she feels) they allowed themselves to be tricked by the Empire. The rest of her own family was enslaved and is being forced to work in the Beskar mines.

Now bitter and jaded, Jara works alone as a bounty hunter, putting her skills to use to make herself, and only herself, rich.


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