Kairk K'vorak

Leader of the Rancors Swoop Gang


Kairk K’vorak
Supporting NPC

Aspects: Leader of the Rancors, Never Back Down From a Challenge

Skills: Pilot +3, Fight +2, Physique +1

Stress: Physical 3, Mental 2


Leader of the Swoop Gang “Rancors,” Kairk formed his crew mostly out of an attempt to keep themselves fed and sheltered. Though a criminal and thug, K’vorak looks after his own, and makes sure the only criminal element on his turf are his boys.

Once part of the now rival swoop gang, “Ked Hunters,” K’vorak broke away over petty issues between him and the Hunters’ leader, Tal Ordon.

Rancor Swooper
Average NPC

Aspects: Cocky Thug

Skills: Fight +1

Rancor Heavy
Fair NPC

Aspects: Cocky Thug

Skills: Fight +2, Athletics +1

Kairk K'vorak

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