Kor Starshadow

Noble Officer of the Rebellion


Kor Starshadow
Supporting NPC

Aspects: Noble Born Rebel Leader, Plates in the Air, “I’ll do what needs to be done.”

Skills: Resources + 5, Rapport + 4, Empathy + 3, Will + 2, Contacts + 1

Stunts: Family Ties (Rebel Alliance), Natural Leader, Hardened—Physique is considered two higher for purposes of determining Physical Stress

Stress: Physical 3, Mental 3


Kaviss’s father, and a part of the aristocracy of Delaya, Kor remembers the days of the Old Republic. He was a young man, Kaviss a child, his daughter Laurana unborn, when Palpatine declared himself the Galactic Emperor. Although Alderaan represented his system in the Senate, Kor understood the importance of democracy.

He’s seen friends and family both bend knee to the tyrannical Empire, and be taken away for refusing to do so. He has sworn that he will do all in his power to end the unjust government, and bring the galaxy back to a kinder, more peaceful way of life.

Kor Starshadow

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