Unusually Violent Protocol Droid


Supporting NPC

Aspects: Upgraded Systems, Gun Arm, Gleefully Violent

Skills: Lore +5, Physique +4, Shooting +3, Notice +2, Crafts +1

Stunts: Hardened Chassis—Roll Physique to defend, but take 1 stress on a tie. Translation Software—When rolling Lore to translate a language, gain +2 to the roll. Linguist x2—P-777 knows 9 languages.

Stress Physical 4, Mental 2

Languages known: Basic, Huttese, Mando’a (from Cormick’s battle sims), 6 more.


P-777 is a unique protocol droid found by Aleena Noliada in a Black Sun warehouse. The droid had various nefarious protocols buried within his programming, including a Lying protocol. He has since been enhanced by his mistress, the mercenary Cormick, and himself.

His most recent addition has been to incorporate a blaster rifle into his arm.

His joy of violence sometimes unnerves those around him.


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