Riggs Boral

Small Time Smuggler


Supporting NPC

Aspects: Small Time Smuggler, Anything for the Rebels, Keep One Eye on Certa

Skills: Contacts +4, Shoot +3, Pilot +2, Notice +1

Stunts: Physical Training, Family Ties (Rebellion)

Stress Physical 3, Mental 2


A smuggler who never takes undo risks and keeps himself below the radar, Riggs has made a successful living doing small jobs for the Rebellion. He refuses anything that he thinks is too big or noteworthy, preferring to make a modest living than end up in a spice mine.

His partner in crime has been his sister Certa Boral, though to hear him tell it, she’s more of a nuisance than anything. Despite his gruff demeanor, he truly loves his little sister, and the role of over-protective brother comes easily to him. Unfortunately for the men of the galaxy, when Certa likes someone, she goes straight for him, and Riggs isn’t far behind.

Riggs Boral

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