Wookiee Scholar


Supporting NPC

Aspect: Wookiee Scholar, Speaker of Tales

Skills: Lore + 3, Empathy + 2, Will + 1

Stress: Physical 2, Mental 3


Once a representative of Kashyyyk in the Old Republic, Rorrorrow, or “Roro,” as he prefers to be called by his adopted human son, Ryyhash, since returned to his home world when Palpatine seized power.

He does his best to advise his overzealous wife. He worries over his other two sons, wookiees both. One has stayed planet side, striking at Imperial or Trando supply lines, disrupting slavers. The other has left Kashyyyk, turning to piracy and bounty hunting in his anger.

And he worries most for Ryyhash. He always was overly protective of the small, fragile (by wookiee standards) child, and frets over what has become of him in the galaxy.


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