Wookiee Outlaw


Supporting NPC

Aspects: Wookiee Outlaw, “My claws thirst for Imperial blood.”, Friends in VERY Low Places

Skills: Fighting + 4, Athletics + 3, Pilot + 2, Physique + 1

Stunts: Massive Stature—Rykkaec is huge, even for a wookiee and his Physique counts as two higher for the purposes of determining Physical Stress. Killer Blow—Once per session, Rykkaec can spend a Fate Point to up a consequence taken from his Fight attacks by one level.


Of all the wookiees in Ryyhash’s family, Rykkaec is probably the least stable AND the most enraged. When his mother chose to move the tribe into hiding, he was furious. Killing a random trader and stealing his ship, Rykkaec took to the galaxy. Though he hasn’t been at it long, the wookiee is already starting to make a name for himself as a fierce bounty hunter and pirate.

Anyone working for the Empire—soldier or civilian—can be targetted by Rykkaec’s wrath.


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