Shad Kolar

Yanaa's head of droid repair


Shad Kolar
Supporting NPC

Aspects: Zabrak Mechanist, Master of Droids

Skills: Crafts +4, Lore +3, Notice +2, Shoot +1

Stunts: Slicer—Shad can use Crafts to bypass security systems or hack into secured networks.

Stress: Physical 2, Mental 2


Master of Yanaa’s small army of work droids, Shad Kolar has served the Hutt his entire life. There is literally no one she trusts more with her workers. He taught Aleena most everything she knows about computers and mechanics.

Shad is always surrounded by a small army of droids in varying states of repair. He is constantly in the company of four droids that can be used as shields to hide behind. They always mob around him to grant him extra physical stress.

Nameless NPCs (Average)

Aspects: Shad’s Droid

Skills: Fight +1

Shad Kolar

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