Tal Ordon

Opportunistic Swoop Gang Leader


Tal Ordon
Supporting NPC

Aspects: Swoop Gang Leader, Eye Out for Opportunity

Skills: Pilot + 3, Fight + 2, Contacts + 1

Stunts: Palm Greaser When rolling Resources to bribe someone else, Tal gains + 2 to his roll.

Stress: Physical 2, Mental 2


Leader of the “Ket Hunters” swoop gang, Tal is a weasel of a Duros whose only interest is filling his own pockets. He leads his gang like some grand regent, thinking his underworld connections in the city of Coronet make him more powerful than he really is. His gang has recently started running spice in the city for the Black Sun.

Ked Hunter
Average NPC

Aspects: Violent Thug

Skills: Fight + 1

Tal Ordon

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