Old, Broken Clone


Supporting NPC

Aspects: Broken Old Clone, Veteran of the Clone Wars, Unbreakable Spirit
Skills: Lore +6, Rapport +5, Will +4, Empathy +3, Provoke +2, Contacts +1
Stunts: Natural Leader, Voice of Command, Tactical Genius, Iron Mind
Stress: Physical 2, Mental 4 (with extra Mild Consequence)


One-time commander of the famous Shadow Squadron, the clone who chose the name Toby was one of the few to disobey Order 66. Instead, he was forced to turn on his own men to save his Jedi friends.

Unfortunately, when Vader caught up to him, the Dark Lord punished his treason most severely. All of Toby’s bones were crushed in a single instant, and the clone was left for dead. However, the force spirit of his friend, Kel Vathir appeared and somehow, working together, Toby was able to survive.

He now hides on Ryloth, a broken shell of a man who can barely move let alone lead troops. His mind however, is sharper than ever.


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