Ryyhash's Lightsaber

Ryyhash's Self-built lightsaber

weapon (melee)

Aspect: Ood Bnar’s Gift

A versatile and sturdy constructed lightsaber. This lightsaber was constructed by Ryyhash so he could wield it with one hand (for finesse or duel wielding) or both hands (for leverage and strength).

The crystal is a simple green lightsaber crystal.

The outer casing is blended with mechanical parts and bits of tree bark (“shed off” by Bnar).


Ryyhash built this lightsaber on the planet Ossus while searching for Jedi artifacts. He used the green crystal pendant gifted to him by his mother. He also managed to construct part of the outer casing with wood that he found “shed off” by a tree (Jedi Master Ood Bnar) inside the Great Jedi Library.

Ryyhash's Lightsaber

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