Star Wars: Hope's Rebirth

Session 6: Trouble in Sal'Kassa, Part 1

The players earned a significant milestone this session.

Having crash landed on Ryloth, the crew of the Gamera managed, with the help of a local tribe, to drag their wounded vessel to the nearby town of Sal’kassa. There, Aleena managed to find a simple parts dealer. Unfortunately he didn’t have everything she needed, and she didn’t have the resources for everything he did have, so a deal was struck. If she recovered his lost apprentice (whom he suspected was lost to the slave trade), Aleena could get the parts at a reduced rate. Also, he pointed to a crashed Republic Star Destroyer sticking halfway out of some nearby mountains, suggesting that if they wanted to risk themselves, they could find quite a few parts there.

While Aleena was parts shopping, Master Odak took Ryyhash to a natural phenomenon known as the floating rock garden. There was a cave in the area particularly strong in the dark side. He wanted his apprentice to enter the cavern as a trial. After some convincing, he brought Ashla Vashee along as well, though he was still concerned about her violent tendencies. Cormick accompanied the trio as well.

Entering separately, Ryyhash soon encountered anger and fear as the cavern used his own memories against him. Ashla, on the other hand, faced Xod. She quickly realized that he wasn’t an illusion of the cave, but the actual Hand, come for her. Ryyhash sensed the difference and was able to come to her aid. Outside, Master Odak realized something was wrong, and Cormick rushed into the caverns to help out. Together they fought against the dark jedi. Finally, Ashla tackled Xod over a cliff, tumbling away with him into darkness…

Back in town, Aleena had decided to explore the crash Star Destroyer. With Kaviss and Scout, she set out into the desert. Nearing the wreck, they spotted a small, crude hut. Within they found Toby, an old clone commander from the Old Republic. After a lengthy conversation they discovered he had disobeyed Order 66 and had gone into hiding. Realizing his tactical knowledge and experience could help the Rebellion, Kaviss and Aleena convinced him to join their side. After a lengthy and heated debate, the old man reluctantly agreed. He would start to pack up the few of his belongings he could take with him while they explored the downed ship.

Back in the caverns, Cormick and Ryyhash made their way down to Ashla, who had survived the fall. No trace of Xod was found save for his lightsaber, which Cormick pocketed. The trio then sought him out in the caves, hoping to put an end to him once and for all. However, they instead found themselves in the prow of the crashed Star Destroyer, which had buried itself partly within the caverns. At the same time, Aleena and Kaviss were working their way into the aft of the ship, which rose like a monolith from the side of the mountain. After a battle with some particularly vicious Doashim, they managed to meet in the center.

Time passed, and eventually Aleena decided to do some digging. She found the junk yard’s apprentice was being held by Vienne, a local slaver, leader of the community, and sometime ally of the Ankwas Kajidic. As a whole, the group headed to the slaver’s territory.

This is where things took a turn. Amidst the slaves being held, the group recognized people they thought they had rescued on Delaya, though it turned out Aleena herself had sold them, and they were now in Vienne’s hand. Ryyhash, raised a Wookiee, had an intense hatred for slavers, and was becoming agitated. Also, Cormick saw a captured Mandalorian and was set on helping her gain her freedom.

Kaviss, to alleviate his friend’s discomfort, offered to buy the slaves and grant them freedom. Cormick, meanwhile, realized that a Mandalorian would never accept being bought as a way to be free, and so, with Vienne’s permission, was going to stage an escape so the enslaved Mando could keep her honor intact. Ryyhash was unaware of this staging, and when he saw a slave fighting for freedom, he leapt in to help. This caused more guards to leap in, and the entire scene devolved into bantha poodoo. Eventually, Vienne gassed the room, knocking out heroes, slaves, and guards alike to keep the situation from getting more bloody. Apologizing, Aleena added the damages to her debt to her mother, and the group returned to the ship.

Upon awaking, Ryyhash and Kaviss exchanged harsh words with Aleena, and the session ended with Ryyhash storming off to a cantina while Aleena grabbed her tools and set to work angrily repairing the ship. In the debacle, she had indeed managed to rescue the enslaved apprentice and got the parts she needed from the dealer.

Session 5: The Adventures of Scout

We were missing Cormick’s character this session, so the Mandalorian went on a little side mission instead.

In the heroes’ last adventure, Kaviss Starshadow wound up getting drunk and finding himself married to an equally drunk—and later enraged—Jara, a bounty huntress intent on tracking him and the others down. While the pair had been arguing aboard the Gamera, Aleena Noliada thought it would be humorous to take off.

So, Jara found herself on Delaya, completely reliant on this group of misfits to get back to her ship in Coronet. Wishing to be rid of the Starshadow prince and put the embarassing incident behind her, she challenged Kaviss to a duel—a traditional Mandalorian way to divorce an unwanted spouse.

The group spent the night at the Starshadow Estates, avoiding the sponge-bath attention of the family servant, Helen. The next morning the group waited for Jara to show up, with Cormick to act as her second. However, neither of the Mandalorians showed. Cormick had heard (sadly, false) rumors that some of the remnants of the bounty hunter’s old clan were on the planet. Cormick had slipped out to investigate, and Jara had stealthily followed.

So, while they waited for a duel that wouldn’t come, Kaviss’ mother stormed out. Apparently, Scout, the youngest of the Starshadow children, had snuck away, following a wandering Ashla Vashee into the seedier districts of the planet.

Unfortunately, both the ex-operative and the teenage girl were captured. Scout was placed with other slaves to be sold off-world, while Ashla was seperated, put in a crate for a “special” buyer. The togruta, overcome with fear and anger, called upon the dark side to escape her prison, and when the group caught up with her, she was surrounded by a sea of carnage, choking the life from the last remaining guard.

Ryyhash Lighthawk was deeply concerned, but a confrontation over the matter would have to wait until the had freed Kaviss’ little sister. It wasn’t difficult. Ashla led them to where she knew the girl was held, and after a brief battle, freed Scout and the other slaves.

(This is why I love fate. At this point, Aleena’s player was out of Fate Points, and I compelled her aspect tying her in with slavers.) Scout went with the rest of the group while Aleena assured them she would get the others to safety. However, when she had the other slaves alone she passed them along to a slaver who worked for her mother and the Ankwas Kajidic.

The party returned to the young prince’s home to find that Cormick was there as well, although Jara had yet to come back. As they discussed their next move, Master Odak requested a quick trip to Ryloth, saying there was a series of caves there that he felt would help Ryyhash and Ashla with their connection to the Force.

The party agreed and—having currently forgot about the poor bounty huntress—left Delaya without Jara.

The trip was not a safe one, however, as they were yanked from hyperspace by an Interdictor and the I.S.S. Imperial Fist itself, captained by Kurz Tarkin. After a brief struggle, Aleena managed to remotely hack his ship again and disable the tractor beam. In his frustration, Kurz switched over to his point-defense laser system, blanketing the area around his ship with blaster fire—completely heedless of the squadron of his own TIE fighters he had sent out to deal with the Gamera.

In a show of daring piloting, Kaviss evaded the imperials, but the poor ship’s engines couldn’t handle the chase, and the overheated engines blew. After a brief but terrifying “landing” they were on Ryloth… with a dead ship and a stowaway. Much to Starshadow’s chagrin, his sister had stowed aboard before they left Delaya.

Session 4: Wedding Bell Blues

After escaping the Black Sun’s Orbital Station onboard their loaner ship Gamera, our heroes returned to Jak and the small cell of rebels in Coronet. After a brief rest Jak asked them for one final favor. The Imperials were closing in on his cell, and he needed to move locations. However, he needed both the Empire and the Black Sun off his back for a moment to be able to do so.

The group offered to help, and Jak said both sides needed to be truly distracted. He knew of a small Imperial munitions dump that our troubleshooters could sabotage to distract the Empire, but didn’t know how to deal with the criminal organization. Aleena Noliada spoke up at this point, with the idea that a certain detective in CorSec’s smuggling division (Dirk Ravaal) might come across some information to make a raid on one of the Black Sun’s operations, keeping them unbalanced long enough to suit Jak’s needs.

So the group broke into the munitions, Slicing and stealthing their way into the depot and planting explosives. They also programmed two Black Sun Vaksai fighters to crash into the depot at the moment of explosion, keeping the Empire guessing and throwing suspicion on the syndicate.

The results were spectacularly successful, and much celebrating was done afterwards. Kaviss Starshadow went the local cantina where the drinks were flowing. Soon he was approached by the mysterious and beautiful Jara, a bounty hunter intent on bringing in any one of the group—until he disarmed her by offering her a drink (invoking her “Never Refuse a Drink” aspect which has since been changed).

Eventually, when Kaviss didn’t return in a timely manner, the group went searching for him, only to find the prince stumbling out of a lower-levels chapel with Jara—with wedding bands on their fingers!

They brought the two lushes to the Gamera to sober up while Aleena prepped the ship—newly on loan from Jak—for taking Kaviss’s father, Kor, back to Delaya.

Eventually both woke up, Jara understandably furious as both accused the other of tricking them into marriage. With a smirk on her face, Aleena finished the launching sequence and set the ship on course for the Starshadow’s home planet, leaving the shocked Jara an accidental stowaway.

The session finished as the group landed on Delaya, and everyone got to meet Kaviss’ frightening mother, Andra Starshadow, who bore down on her son like an avalanche, berating him for dragging the family name through the mud and being an irresponsible young man.

Session 3: The Gamera

During this session the PCs gained a significant milestone. We also tested the very-alpha-stage ship combat rules, and everyone seemed to enjoy it.

This time the players assaulted, all right, tried to talk their way into, the Black Sun’s Orbital Station. They were met in the hanger by a large group of armed guards, who took Kaviss Starshadow in for “questioning,” though the simply threw him in the brig. The other members of the party staid hidden aboard the loaner ship from Jak, the Gamera.

They didn’t hide long, however, as the Black Sun was close to breaking into the ship, so Ashla Vashee decided to stealth away while Cormick and Ryyhash Lighthawk decided to create a big distraction. Behind their trail of dead or unconscious bodies, came Aleena Noliada, slicing into systems and helping guide them all to the captured rebels.

Ashla soon joined up with Kaviss as he freed the rebels from inside his cell, and soon there were two groups fighting their way through the station. At the same time, both Ashla and Ryyhash felt a dark ripple through the air. Ryyhash had received enough training from Master Odak at this point to realize it was a disturbance in the force, but Ashla knew to trust her gut. They were both feeling the presence of Xod (Deceased?), the Imperial Hand that was chasing down Odak (and now Ryyhash and Ashla). Half the group managed to escape back to the Gamera, but the other half was cut off, and was forced to commandeer several fighters.

In space, things got even hairier when the heroes saw the untimely arrival of the I.S.S. Imperial Fist, Kurz Tarkin’s personal Star Destroyer. They knew he already had dealings with the Black Sun, but didn’t expect him to be paying a visit that day. The battle would surely have been lost had Aleena not been able to remotely slice into the Star Destroyer’s systems and shut it down, section by section, until the Gamera was able to fly right past bridge, with Kaviss giving the enraged Kurz a little wave.

Session 2: The Mean Streets of Coronet, Part 2

The great underground swoop race of Coronet had arrived! Aleena Noliada had used her skills with a hydrospanner to give Kaviss Starshadow’s bike a boost to its engines, Ryyhash Lighthawk entered the race himself, and everybody (minus Ryyhash) put money on Kaviss. No pressure.

It was a harrowing race—aggressive pilots slamming their swoops into one another, avoiding traffic, squeezing through small tunnels. In the end, young Starshadow was victorious, earning a large monetary reward. Ryyhash managed to score a small runners-up pot, which he donated to the Rebels and their cause.

However, the winners of the race were given invites to a special party hosted by Vigo Chandrel Foor, who was always on the lookout for connections. The local Rebels were looking for some of their missing brethren, and the PCs agreed to get as much information as they could at this event.

At the party, Aleena easily sliced a personal computer and found that the missing rebels were being held on a Black Sun station orbiting the planet. However, her slicing set off alarms, and the place was suddenly swarming with Storm Troopers. The group managed to escape, however, and meet back at the Rebels hideout.

There, Jak offered them his personal starship, the Gamera, and asked that they recover his compatriots. Especially since one of them was Kaviss’s father, Kor Starshadow.

The PCs accepted, and took the ship to the space station. However they were greeted by a large force of gun-wielding thugs that Kaviss decided to talk to before the screen faded to credits.

Chapter 1—Session 1: The Mean Streets of Coronet, Part 1

This game was created because we had two campaign ideas for Star Wars that we wanted to play with my regular gaming group. We decided to do both, alternating them back and forth. To keep things fresh, we decided to port one of the campaigns (this one) to the Fate Core system. So welcome to Star Wars: Hope’s Rebirth.

Session one was character building and a little bit of playing. The only creation rule I had was that all the characters had to have an additional reason (beyond JUST money), to work with the Rebel Alliance. The characters are:

Aleena Noliada: A smart-mouthed mechanic who can slice or fix anything, with ties to a small Hutt cartel. She feels that her organization can form a strong business relationship with the Rebels.
Ashla Vashee: A force sensitive Togruta who, for a while, was a wetworks operative for the Empire before they put out a burn notice on her. She wants to get back at the Empire for what they made her do and what they’re doing to her.
Cormick: A clanless Mandalorian mercenary looking for a fight and a paycheck. His family was killed when they refused to work as slaves in a Beskar mine.
Kaviss Starshadow: A rich kid who just wants to see the galaxy, he has yet to experience real hardship, though he dislikes the Empire and their tyranny.
Ryyhash Lighthawk: A human raised by wookies, he hates the Empire for enslaving his family’s people. He’s also force sensitive, though unaware of it at the start of the campaign. Ryyhash wasn’t in the first session, the player showed up the next week.

Coronet, Corellia—a shining jewel on a planet that values its freedom and expression. However, beneath the surface lies darker secrets; lower levels swarming with swoop gangs, bounty hunters, and criminal information brokers. It was that last person that Ashla Vashee had arrived on planet for. She had traced information on herself here, and was going to deal with the man to delete it, erasing evidence of her existence.

Aleena was on planet as well, her first real foray out into the galaxy on behest of the Ankwas Kajidic, making contacts, finding jobs, and generally learning the trade of organized crime.

The two ladies met up at Mikhail’s, the information broker that both wanted to deal with. Ashla got her information and Aleena gleaned a little more than he was willing to sell.

Meanwhile, Kaviss Starshadow was in Coronet for a famous underground swoop race. He had purchased a fancy, special swoop to enter the race with and, of course, the first night he spent on the planet, the swoop was boosted. Asking around for help, he was directed to, like any naive tourist, one of the worst possible sources of bikes and parts, the gang the Ket Hunters.

While dealing with the ruffians, another shady character arrived on the spot. Cormick, a mercenary looking for some quick cash, had taken a job from a rival gang to cause as much damage as he could to the Ket Hunters’ bikes. Several explosions later, Cormick and Kaviss were fleeing together in a speeder.

Things get a mite fuzzy because it’s been a month since we’ve played, but in the end the group found each other and was hired by Jak, the leader of a small rebel cell.

Breaking into a warehouse in the lower levels of the city, the group managed to steal unmarked Imperial supplies needed by the cell, smuggling them back with a stolen transport.


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