Star Wars: Hope's Rebirth

Session 6: Trouble in Sal'Kassa, Part 1

The players earned a significant milestone this session.

Having crash landed on Ryloth, the crew of the Gamera managed, with the help of a local tribe, to drag their wounded vessel to the nearby town of Sal’kassa. There, Aleena managed to find a simple parts dealer. Unfortunately he didn’t have everything she needed, and she didn’t have the resources for everything he did have, so a deal was struck. If she recovered his lost apprentice (whom he suspected was lost to the slave trade), Aleena could get the parts at a reduced rate. Also, he pointed to a crashed Republic Star Destroyer sticking halfway out of some nearby mountains, suggesting that if they wanted to risk themselves, they could find quite a few parts there.

While Aleena was parts shopping, Master Odak took Ryyhash to a natural phenomenon known as the floating rock garden. There was a cave in the area particularly strong in the dark side. He wanted his apprentice to enter the cavern as a trial. After some convincing, he brought Ashla Vashee along as well, though he was still concerned about her violent tendencies. Cormick accompanied the trio as well.

Entering separately, Ryyhash soon encountered anger and fear as the cavern used his own memories against him. Ashla, on the other hand, faced Xod. She quickly realized that he wasn’t an illusion of the cave, but the actual Hand, come for her. Ryyhash sensed the difference and was able to come to her aid. Outside, Master Odak realized something was wrong, and Cormick rushed into the caverns to help out. Together they fought against the dark jedi. Finally, Ashla tackled Xod over a cliff, tumbling away with him into darkness…

Back in town, Aleena had decided to explore the crash Star Destroyer. With Kaviss and Scout, she set out into the desert. Nearing the wreck, they spotted a small, crude hut. Within they found Toby, an old clone commander from the Old Republic. After a lengthy conversation they discovered he had disobeyed Order 66 and had gone into hiding. Realizing his tactical knowledge and experience could help the Rebellion, Kaviss and Aleena convinced him to join their side. After a lengthy and heated debate, the old man reluctantly agreed. He would start to pack up the few of his belongings he could take with him while they explored the downed ship.

Back in the caverns, Cormick and Ryyhash made their way down to Ashla, who had survived the fall. No trace of Xod was found save for his lightsaber, which Cormick pocketed. The trio then sought him out in the caves, hoping to put an end to him once and for all. However, they instead found themselves in the prow of the crashed Star Destroyer, which had buried itself partly within the caverns. At the same time, Aleena and Kaviss were working their way into the aft of the ship, which rose like a monolith from the side of the mountain. After a battle with some particularly vicious Doashim, they managed to meet in the center.

Time passed, and eventually Aleena decided to do some digging. She found the junk yard’s apprentice was being held by Vienne, a local slaver, leader of the community, and sometime ally of the Ankwas Kajidic. As a whole, the group headed to the slaver’s territory.

This is where things took a turn. Amidst the slaves being held, the group recognized people they thought they had rescued on Delaya, though it turned out Aleena herself had sold them, and they were now in Vienne’s hand. Ryyhash, raised a Wookiee, had an intense hatred for slavers, and was becoming agitated. Also, Cormick saw a captured Mandalorian and was set on helping her gain her freedom.

Kaviss, to alleviate his friend’s discomfort, offered to buy the slaves and grant them freedom. Cormick, meanwhile, realized that a Mandalorian would never accept being bought as a way to be free, and so, with Vienne’s permission, was going to stage an escape so the enslaved Mando could keep her honor intact. Ryyhash was unaware of this staging, and when he saw a slave fighting for freedom, he leapt in to help. This caused more guards to leap in, and the entire scene devolved into bantha poodoo. Eventually, Vienne gassed the room, knocking out heroes, slaves, and guards alike to keep the situation from getting more bloody. Apologizing, Aleena added the damages to her debt to her mother, and the group returned to the ship.

Upon awaking, Ryyhash and Kaviss exchanged harsh words with Aleena, and the session ended with Ryyhash storming off to a cantina while Aleena grabbed her tools and set to work angrily repairing the ship. In the debacle, she had indeed managed to rescue the enslaved apprentice and got the parts she needed from the dealer.

Session 7: Trouble in Sal'Kassa, Part 2

The characters gained a Major Milestone after this session!

It sure looked like the unity of our heroes was in dire straights after the events of last session.

Aleena was working off her frustrations by fixing Gamera with the help of some of the other heroes, while Ryyhash found the slaves who had scattered in the confusion and brought them together. After speaking with Kaviss, the two agreed that they could get them off world, reducing the chances that they’d be only resold back into slavery.

Unfortunately during the repairs, those on the Gamera were attacked by a squad of Black Sun hit men. The criminals didn’t understand who they were dealing with, however, so the fight was short but sweet. Even P-777 picked up a weapon, having learned from combat-sims giving to him by Cormick, and fought back. After the fight, Aleena learned that the syndicate had been tipped off to their whereabouts by her “ally,” Vienne.

Almost immediately after, Ryyhash returned with the gathered slaves. While he was speaking with Kaviss as to their fate, Ashla headed off into the city, looking to see if she could find any more information on herself she could delete from official records. When she didn’t return immediately, a worried Odak headed out after her. She eventually returned, but the Jedi Knight did not.

Eventually it was discovered that their Jedi friend had been kidnapped by Xod, the Hand that had been hunting them since Corellia. They tracked him to Toby’s hut, where they found an unconscious Odak. However, Xod had rigged the place with explosives, and threatened to blow them away if Ryyhash didn’t agree to turn himself in. The Jedi, seeing no other way to save his friends, did so.

He was taken aboard the Hand’s ship before his friends managed to stage a rescue. The battle was fast-paced and very frightening as all of the heroes save Aleena fought against Storm Troopers and Xod aboard his ship while Aleena and P-777 followed in Gamera, attempting to shoot him down. They may not always agree on many topics, but when they worked together, the unlikely band of misfits performed the impossible. Xod’s ship crashed, but not before our heroes managed to leap, mid-flight, into the Gamera.

From there they landed, following a fleeing Xod into the dark-side caverns nearby.

They tracked him deep into the caves where they faced him down for the final time. The fight looked bleak, with Kaviss knocked into unconsciousness immediately, and Ryyhash and Ashla on death’s door. At the last minute, Cormick brought his fist into the Hand’s chest, firing a wrist-rocket simultaneously. The blast knocked the dark Jedi through the wall, and the mountain collapsed down onto him. The others fled just as the rest of the cave fell. The explosion even loosened the mountain’s grip on the crashed Venator Star Destroyer they had seen on arrival, and the colossal star ship crashed to earth.

Session 8: Breakdowns and Repairs

After defeating Xod, the group took some down time, working to repair the Old Republic era Star Destroyer they found half-buried within the mountain. Aleena managed to find parts and hired help to complete the massive project.

Ryyhash, meanwhile, realized he had mastered all that he had learned from Master Odak, and took a repaired Eta-2 found aboard the Star Destroyer to head off in search of Jedi knowledge (player was missing for a few sessions, so… off learning!).

During the construction, Scout, as she was prone to do, disappeared. A panicked Kaviss managed to track her down at a Twi’lek dance party, inebriated and with a boy the Princeling did not approve of.

Cormick and Ashla were out and about working on bounties to provide money for the project, with Ashla getting into trouble with alcohol on a regular basis, and Cormick getting her out of trouble.

Finally, the starship was fixed. It was weaponless and without shields, but it was spaceworthy. It was at this moment that nearby mercenaries, later discovered to have been hired by the Black Sun, attacked en masse, hoping to overwhelm the heroes and claim the recently repaired ship for their own. A small battle-force of infantry along with two squadrons of Vaksai fighters assault the Venator.

The battle was brutal, with Cormick and Ashla leading their “troops” against the trained mercenaries. The togruta murder-machine suffered several wounds, and even Cormick’s armor was scuffed while the Gamera took some hits. In the end, however, the heroes managed to protect their find.

However, all was not well. Jara, still in a turmoil of emotions since her drunken wedding to Kaviss and desperate to be separated from him, chose to capture him when the others were not looking, and hand him over to the Imperials. It took the others some time to notice the Prince’s absence, but when they did, they began to plan to free their stolen comrade.

Session 9: Daring, Danger, and Dresses
Session 12: Hope's First Spark

This was the end of our first story-arc. The players received a Significant Milestone. They would have gained a Major, but they already earned that by defeating Xod.


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