Tag: Corellia


  • Dirk Ravaal

    Life as a CorSec agent isn't easy in the dark streets of Coronet. Especially for Dirk Ravaal, who was never good at navigating the twisted politics of the Corellian Security Force. He's been delegated down to the lowest wrung of the Smuggling …

  • Kairk K'vorak

    Leader of the Swoop Gang "Rancors," Kairk formed his crew mostly out of an attempt to keep themselves fed and sheltered. Though a criminal and thug, K'vorak looks after his own, and makes sure the only criminal element on his turf are his boys. Once …

  • Tal Ordon

    Leader of the "Ket Hunters" swoop gang, Tal is a weasel of a Duros whose only interest is filling his own pockets. He leads his gang like some grand regent, thinking his underworld connections in the city of Coronet make him more powerful than he really …

  • Savriss

    Savriss is a mechanic and car fence. He runs both businesses out of his chop shop in the lower levels of Coronet. He is also on the payroll of the Ankwas Kajidic.

  • Jak

    Head of a small cell of rebels in Coronet, Jak does what he can for the Alliance, smuggling things past the Imperial blockade whenever he can. He acts as a recruiter as well, passing names up the chain when people perform well.

  • Mikhail

    Mikhail is the smallest of the small thinking he deals with the big fish. He buys and trades information, and sometimes something big falls into his lap. It's bound to get him killed one day...