Tag: Delaya


  • Kor Starshadow

    Kaviss's father, and a part of the aristocracy of Delaya, Kor remembers the days of the Old Republic. He was a young man, Kaviss a child, his daughter Laurana unborn, when Palpatine declared himself the Galactic Emperor. Although Alderaan represented his …

  • Laurana "Scout" Starshadow

    Tired of being stuck in her family estates on Delaya, Scout has escaped numerous times in the past. Only her brother, Kaviss, could ever convince her to come home. She doesn't see her father's protectiveness in any positive way, thinking only that he …

  • Helen

    Within the Starshadow household, Helen's word could be law. Even Kor, Kaviss's father, is sometimes bullied by her when she's about her duty. It doesn't hurt that she's built like a destroyer, and when she's got a goal in mind, you better get out of the …

  • Urraru

    The Starshadow's Keeper of the Grounds, Urraru keeps the forest stocked with game tends to other needs of the out door areas of the estate.