Tag: Independent


  • Soosk

    Slaves. That's all Soosk cares about. Buying them, selling them, and especially _finding_ them.

  • Rykkaec

    Of all the wookiees in Ryyhash's family, Rykkaec is probably the least stable AND the most enraged. When his mother chose to move the tribe into hiding, he was furious. Killing a random trader and stealing his ship, Rykkaec took to the galaxy. Though he …

  • Mikhail

    Mikhail is the smallest of the small thinking he deals with the big fish. He buys and trades information, and sometimes something big falls into his lap. It's bound to get him killed one day...

  • Jara

    Once a proud Mandalorian, Jara left her planet and people behind when (she feels) they allowed themselves to be tricked by the Empire. The rest of her own family was enslaved and is being forced to work in the Beskar mines. Now bitter and jaded, Jara …