Tag: Kashyyyk


  • Rorrorrow

    Once a representative of Kashyyyk in the Old Republic, Rorrorrow, or "Roro," as he prefers to be called by his adopted human son, Ryyhash, since returned to his home world when Palpatine seized power. He does his best to advise his overzealous wife. He …

  • Grawrrarra

    Chieftan of her tribe, wife of Rorrorrow, and adopted mother of Ryyhash, Grawrrarra is a fierce warrior and protective of her people. Unfortunately she's also extremely proud, and has refused to flee Kashyyyk, believing that if she keeps her people mobile …

  • Borawaroo

    Bora, like many wookiees, is enraged at the Empire's abuse of their people. He focuses this anger into one act: causing as much damage to the Empire's outposts on Kashyyyk as possible.