Ankwas Kajidic

A small cartel with headquarters on the small moon of Yurakpa, the Ankwas Kajidic is run by Yanaa the Hutt. A shrewd businesssentient, Yanaa has managed to keep the cartel profitable and safe despite it’s small size.

The Ankwas Kajidic deals mainly with spice and food grown on Yurakpa, but it also employs smugglers, small-time bounty hunters, as well as slave runners.

The Ankwas Kajidic has managed to keep itself small and mostly secret, though it recently came to the attention of unsaviory types within the Black Sun.

Sentients of Note
Yanaa the Hutt—Yanaa runs the cartel. She takes good care of those under her and they, in turn, are fiercely loyal.
Aleena Noliada—Yanaa’s charge, some would say “adopted daughter.” Word around the moon is that she’s being groomed to become Yanaa’s partner.
Dia Ven—Yanaa’s number two and head of staff. The twi’lek also deals with wetworks on the side, when required.
Gorak and Krok—A rodian and gamorrean respectively, these two thugs-turned bodyguards are Yanaa’s personal protectors, and run security on Yurakpa.
Shad Kolar—Master of Yanaa’s droid bay, this zabrak is a whiz with both computer and hydro-spanner.

Ankwas Kajidic

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