Dark Side Tempation

The Dark Side of the Force is a tempting power to call upon, but can lead many down a dangerous path as it consumes their destiny. To represent the temptation of the Dark Side in the campaign, use the following rules.

The Slippery Slope
Whenever a character with the Force Sensitive stunt performs an action that would be considered dark (see Dark Side Transgressions below), he must alter his High Concept to show that he has begun to slide towards the Dark Side. A good example is to simply throw Tempted in front of his High Concept, though there are many other ways to change it. Further transgressions force him to change more of his aspects, though once his High Concept is tainted, he may choose any other non-tainted aspect to change.

These aspects are now ripe for the GM to compel, tempting the character into further darkness!

Falling to the Dark Side
When you can no longer taint an aspect (they are all tainted and you perform another dark action), you have fallen to the Dark Side, and are no longer a playable character.

Power of the Dark Side
The Dark Side is particularly tempting to pure Force-Users not already completely under its sway. To represent this, a player can choose to taint an aspect and in return be able to get a free tag on it.

Since your aspects represent your connection with the Dark Side, redemption is fairly simple. During any milestone you can simply change the aspect to a non-tainted one. The High Concept is harder to change, as that requires a Major Milestone, and only then if you have no other tainted aspects. Once you’ve started down the dark path, it is very difficult to purge it completely from your soul.

However, a character cannot just purge the Dark Side from him so simply. He must perform some act of redemption—whether meditation or simply existing peacefully. Mechanically, to be able to change a tainted aspect, the character must opt out of a scene in the game that he would normally be a part of. Sacrificing his chance in the spot-light is what later gives him the opportunity to cleanse himself.

Dark Side Transgressions
Any of the following acts can cause an aspect to become tainted.
Fear and Anger. If you invoke or create an aspect that has to deal with these powerful negative emotions, you must taint one of your aspects.
Evil Acts. If you perform something that the rest of the players at the table agree is evil, you must taint one of your aspects.
Dark Side Aspects. Invoking such aspects (usually found in Dark Side artefacts, etc.) taints one of your aspects. It’s important to note that invoking your own, already tainted, aspects, does not cause further corruption.

Dark Side Tempation

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