A small city along the border between Ryloth’s vast Bright-Side desert and slim equatorial zone, Sal’kassa is currently run by three leaders.

Carla’var represents the more urban, civilian population of Sal’kassa. The people aren’t always a huge fan of hers, because of unpopular decisions she’s made in the past.

Mazerva’thir represents the more rural population of Sal’kassa. Though they are tribes that live in caves outside the city, they are politically a part of it, paying taxes, gaining security protection, and so on.

Vienne deals more with outsiders and trade. Her own slave trade has brought a lot of money into the city, and the common folk (who don’t get sold to her) are thankful that her business acumen keeps the taxes low.

However, all three have their own agendas, and end up trying to steal resources or talent from the others. Mazer Vathir has the hardest time in this, as he is not one for politicking.


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