Stunts List

Star Wars FATE Stunts

More Stunts will be added to this list as they are created by both GM and players.

Force Stunts

Force Sensitive(requires appropriate Force aspect)—The character gains the use of the Force skill.

Telekinetic Master(requires Force Sensitive)—When using the Force skill to move inanimate objects, you gain + 2.

Energy Absorption(requires Force Sensitive)-With this stunt, the Force skill can be used to defend against energy-based attacks.

Rebuke(requires Energy Absorption)—When using Force to defend against Force-generated energy-based attacks, or using Will to defend against mental attacks, if you succeed with style, you can deal a 2-shift hit to your attacker instead of generating a boost.

Battle Meditation(requires Force Sensitive)—You may use Force to grant positive situational aspects on your allies. If you use this to target a whole zone, you can choose to affect only your allies.

Hone Rage(requires Force Sensitive and one tainted Aspect)—When you take a consequence, you can immediately gain an anger-related boost.

Clear Mind – +2 to the Force skill in order to avoid detection from other Force Sensitive beings.

Force Cloak (requires Clear Mind) – The Force User can use the Force skill instead of the Stealth Skill in order to hide from others.

Lightsaber Stunts

Adopt Form—Once per scene you may spend a Force Point to make a free Fight roll to place an aspect on yourself that pertains to one of the seven lightsaber forms.

Lightsaber Deflect—When wielding a lightsaber, you may use Fight to defend against ranged attacks.

Lightsaber Duelist—You gain +2 to Fight rolls when defending against lightsaber attacks.

Lightsaber Riposte—When wielding a lightsaber, and you defend against a melee attack with style, you may choose to deal a 2-stress physical hit to your opponent instead of place a boost on him.

Redirect Shot(requires Lightsaber Deflect)—When using Fight to defend against ranged attacks, if you succeed with style, you may deal a 2-shift hit to your attacker instead of generating a boost.

Make a Hole (Lightsaber)— +2 on rolls when using a lightsaber to damage inanimate objects, like slicing through blast doors.

Djem So (requires any other Lightsaber Stunt)—This lightsaber form emphasizes strength and damage in its style. Whenever you would deal 2 or more stress, you may spend a Fate Point to force your opponent to use a Mild Consequence. For example, if you hit your opponent for 3 stress and spent a Fate Point, they would suffer 1 stress and a Mild Consequence.

Leadership Stunts

Natural Leader— + 2 to Rapport rolls to place positive situational aspects on all allies in the zone.

Shake Morale— + 2 to Provoke rolls to place a negative situational aspect on all enemies in the zone.

Voice of Command—When an ally would be forced to make an opposing Will roll, or when an enemy would get to roll unopposed against a lesser NPC under your command, you may spend a Force Point to roll Rapport on their behalf, instead.

Backup(requires any other Leadership stunt)—You can spend a Fate Point to have 5 “points” worth of nameless NPCs from your organization immediately appear. Average NPCs are worth 1 point, Fair are worth 2, and Good are worth 3.

Pilot Stunts

Dogfighter — + 2 to Pilot rolls when placing or overcoming situational aspects dealing with superior positioning or maneuverability.

Ace —You can use Pilot instead of Shooting when controlling starships or repulsorcraft.

Scoundrel Stunts

Family Ties(requires aspect tying you to some kind of syndicate)—You gain + 2 to Contacts when trying to find a member of your particular organization.

They’ve Got My Back(requires Family Ties or Weight of Repuation)—You gain the benefits of Backup(see the above stunt).

Weight of Reputation(requires aspect tying you to some kind of syndicate)—The character can roll Contacts instead of Provoke when intimidating somebody who knows your connections.

What They Want To Hear—Choose Deceit or Empathy when you take this stunt. You may roll the chosen skill for charming or inspiring people in place of Rapport.

Mechanist Stunts

Slicer —You may use Crafts instead of Burglary when attempting to bypass security systems or hack into secured networks.

Make a Hole (Explosives)— + 2 to Crafts rolls when using explosives to damage inanimate objects.

Master Slicer— + 2 to rolls to bypass security and hack into secured networks.

Scout Stunts

Unseen Passage—When someone is rolling Investigate to track you, you may roll active opposition (normally they roll off against a set difficulty).

Tracker —When rolling Investigate to follow signs of someone or something’s passing, the character gains a + 2 to the roll.

Soldier Stunts

Sniper —When hiding and using a rifle weapon, you gain a + 2 on Shooting rolls that place aspects like In My Sights or similar, on a target.

Stunts List

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