Firefly   whitefallCircling a useless hunk of rock on the inner edge of the Outer Rim territories, the small moon Yurakpa houses the headquarters of the small Ankwas Kajidic.

The moon is made habitable by a half dozen atmospheric generators dotting Yurakpa’s surface. Food and spice is grown in abundance here, which the Ankwas Kajidic then sell.

Apart from Yanaa the Hutt‘s opulent palace, there are few buildings on the moon’s surface. A small spaceport (which is really part of Yanaa’s palace), some warehouses, and a few maintenance huts for droid repair are the only structures to be seen.

The moon’s location is a carefully guarded secret, and Yanaa’s head slicer, Shad Kolar, has developed malware that he slices into every vessel visiting Yurakpa. When they jump away, it immediately wipes the moon’s location from the ship’s memory.

Aspects: Home of the Ankwas Kajidic; Smooth, Flat Landscape


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