Star Wars: Hope's Rebirth

Session 5: The Adventures of Scout

We were missing Cormick’s character this session, so the Mandalorian went on a little side mission instead.

In the heroes’ last adventure, Kaviss Starshadow wound up getting drunk and finding himself married to an equally drunk—and later enraged—Jara, a bounty huntress intent on tracking him and the others down. While the pair had been arguing aboard the Gamera, Aleena Noliada thought it would be humorous to take off.

So, Jara found herself on Delaya, completely reliant on this group of misfits to get back to her ship in Coronet. Wishing to be rid of the Starshadow prince and put the embarassing incident behind her, she challenged Kaviss to a duel—a traditional Mandalorian way to divorce an unwanted spouse.

The group spent the night at the Starshadow Estates, avoiding the sponge-bath attention of the family servant, Helen. The next morning the group waited for Jara to show up, with Cormick to act as her second. However, neither of the Mandalorians showed. Cormick had heard (sadly, false) rumors that some of the remnants of the bounty hunter’s old clan were on the planet. Cormick had slipped out to investigate, and Jara had stealthily followed.

So, while they waited for a duel that wouldn’t come, Kaviss’ mother stormed out. Apparently, Scout, the youngest of the Starshadow children, had snuck away, following a wandering Ashla Vashee into the seedier districts of the planet.

Unfortunately, both the ex-operative and the teenage girl were captured. Scout was placed with other slaves to be sold off-world, while Ashla was seperated, put in a crate for a “special” buyer. The togruta, overcome with fear and anger, called upon the dark side to escape her prison, and when the group caught up with her, she was surrounded by a sea of carnage, choking the life from the last remaining guard.

Ryyhash Lighthawk was deeply concerned, but a confrontation over the matter would have to wait until the had freed Kaviss’ little sister. It wasn’t difficult. Ashla led them to where she knew the girl was held, and after a brief battle, freed Scout and the other slaves.

(This is why I love fate. At this point, Aleena’s player was out of Fate Points, and I compelled her aspect tying her in with slavers.) Scout went with the rest of the group while Aleena assured them she would get the others to safety. However, when she had the other slaves alone she passed them along to a slaver who worked for her mother and the Ankwas Kajidic.

The party returned to the young prince’s home to find that Cormick was there as well, although Jara had yet to come back. As they discussed their next move, Master Odak requested a quick trip to Ryloth, saying there was a series of caves there that he felt would help Ryyhash and Ashla with their connection to the Force.

The party agreed and—having currently forgot about the poor bounty huntress—left Delaya without Jara.

The trip was not a safe one, however, as they were yanked from hyperspace by an Interdictor and the I.S.S. Imperial Fist itself, captained by Kurz Tarkin. After a brief struggle, Aleena managed to remotely hack his ship again and disable the tractor beam. In his frustration, Kurz switched over to his point-defense laser system, blanketing the area around his ship with blaster fire—completely heedless of the squadron of his own TIE fighters he had sent out to deal with the Gamera.

In a show of daring piloting, Kaviss evaded the imperials, but the poor ship’s engines couldn’t handle the chase, and the overheated engines blew. After a brief but terrifying “landing” they were on Ryloth… with a dead ship and a stowaway. Much to Starshadow’s chagrin, his sister had stowed aboard before they left Delaya.


I have been learning much about the Force in these recent days. I have learned how to use it as a tool to stop my foes, enhance my abilities, and assist my…friends?

I am considering Kaviss a good friend. He is pretty straightforward and honest in what he does. He has no love for the Empire like I do and we have a lot in common when it comes to those certain goals. He also seems to have a nice family, albeit a troublesome sister apparently. Her age is typical with the lust for adventure however she lives such a sheltered life that she has no idea what the “real” universe is like. It is often cruel, unrelenting, unforgiving, and usually vile; she has no idea what she’s getting into when she stowed away with us. I guess I can do my best to help her be prepared for whatever may come, but she will have the burden of experiencing everything that is bad firsthand unfortunately.

Ashla has had a shaded past of sorts but she turned her back on the Empire at her own risk which says a lot about her. However, the Darkside seems to be getting more of a hold on her in the recent days. I hope I do not have to fight her one of these days; it would break my heart should I have to stop her once and for all if she is consumed by the Darkside like Master Odak fears. I am doing my best to teach her how to use the Force as a tool instead of a weapon. I only hope I can do her justice, I believe that she is a good person at heart but it has been burdened by the bad experiences in her life. I hope that I can help show her the same caring compassion I received when I was growing up. Perhaps that could help fix her ailing heart.

Speaking of Master Odak, he seems like a good person but he tends to be secluded from the rest of us. I do not know of his reasons why but perhaps it is more of a “hands on” lesson he is letting me learn. A trial-by-fire of sorts similar to what he has gone through. By my own account, experience is often the best teacher. I am wondering if I am growing beyond Odak’s own skills however. I seem to be using abilities he’s never taught me and at times, he doesn’t even understand what or how I am doing them. Has the student surpassed the teacher already? I believe I need more guidance, perhaps I should ask Master Odak if he knows of such ways without hopefully offending him.

Then there’s the other two: the mercenary and the human-hutt child. I’ve analyzed them both before but I am not sure I trust either of them still. Although they are good in a fight, their “trust” can be bought and paid for by the highest bidder. I am wary of the kid and the fact that she knows about us Force Users and how she records everything and punches in her data on her pad when I perform such feats. Part of me is tempted to use my will on her to find out what she plans on doing with that information (like I did with that one slaver thug) but that would be morally wrong. My hope is that they will both come around to becoming good people and learn that money is not as important as they both currently think. When they see that they can trust someone without the worry of a double-cross for credits or power then perhaps they will see that there is more to life than credits and power. But I will not hold my breath on either of them at this point as everyone chooses their own path in life. I can only hope now that our objectives remain in common up until the end. However, should they both decide to double cross those who they are traveling with now…I will never forget and I will NEVER forgive. I may be human, but I still carry the same kind of rage as my Wookiee kin does…and…may the Force forgive me if it comes to that.

Session 5: The Adventures of Scout

Ryloth, the Twi’lek home planet. A bit of a bumpy road getting here. Had a little entanglement with the Empire. Luckly, there was a good crew of people on board the Gamorah to ensure our escape.

Aleena Noliada, good with computers and insults. A tiny spitfire, and even though she will never admit it, I think she’s starting to like being with us. A master slicer, she was able to hack into the intordictor cruisers system, and shut them down. I like her, I do, and I hope I can chip away at her tough shell.

Ryyhash Lighthawk, good guy. Definitely someone I want at my side taking down the Empire. I count him as a new friend. I don’t know much about Jedi, but it seems like I felt his presence as I was piloting. It seemed like I was gaining more confidence as I felt it. Strange.

Ashla Vashee, nice, but worrisome. I like her, but it seems like she takes to getting violent to easily. I don’t blame her for killing the men who tried to imprison her, but this ability she has were she has the ability to strangle people with her mind scares me. She did however do a good job keeping the Tie Fighters off of us while we made our escape.

I had heard about Mandalorians before, but like Jedi, I don’t know much about them. Cormick is a brave and honest man. My only problem is his loyalty comes with a steep price tag. I much prefer people whose loyalties are through mutual respect and friendship. I don’t think he’s incapable of this, but it does not seem to me to be the way he operates. Either way, he is a good ally in a battle.

My sister, Scout, has decided to get in more trouble with our parents. Not only had she snuck away earlier, and been caught by slavers, now she has stowed away on our ship. Damn her. I can’t be too hard on her, I was a lot like her when I was her age.

That moron commanding the Imperial Fist, Kurz Tarkin really should be reprimanded. I have no love for the Empire, but if they truly do care about their soldiers, they need to pull him out of a space cruiser, and put him at a desk were he can’t hurt anyone. This man was just in a battle, and the only casualties he caused were his own people. I am truly disgusted by this man, and I hope one day I can meet him face to face and tell him the kind of ineffective leader he is.

Session 5: The Adventures of Scout


Huh- what?! Are we in combat? What the hell just…?

Session 5: The Adventures of Scout

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