Star Wars: Hope's Rebirth

Session 7: Trouble in Sal'Kassa, Part 2

The characters gained a Major Milestone after this session!

It sure looked like the unity of our heroes was in dire straights after the events of last session.

Aleena was working off her frustrations by fixing Gamera with the help of some of the other heroes, while Ryyhash found the slaves who had scattered in the confusion and brought them together. After speaking with Kaviss, the two agreed that they could get them off world, reducing the chances that they’d be only resold back into slavery.

Unfortunately during the repairs, those on the Gamera were attacked by a squad of Black Sun hit men. The criminals didn’t understand who they were dealing with, however, so the fight was short but sweet. Even P-777 picked up a weapon, having learned from combat-sims giving to him by Cormick, and fought back. After the fight, Aleena learned that the syndicate had been tipped off to their whereabouts by her “ally,” Vienne.

Almost immediately after, Ryyhash returned with the gathered slaves. While he was speaking with Kaviss as to their fate, Ashla headed off into the city, looking to see if she could find any more information on herself she could delete from official records. When she didn’t return immediately, a worried Odak headed out after her. She eventually returned, but the Jedi Knight did not.

Eventually it was discovered that their Jedi friend had been kidnapped by Xod, the Hand that had been hunting them since Corellia. They tracked him to Toby’s hut, where they found an unconscious Odak. However, Xod had rigged the place with explosives, and threatened to blow them away if Ryyhash didn’t agree to turn himself in. The Jedi, seeing no other way to save his friends, did so.

He was taken aboard the Hand’s ship before his friends managed to stage a rescue. The battle was fast-paced and very frightening as all of the heroes save Aleena fought against Storm Troopers and Xod aboard his ship while Aleena and P-777 followed in Gamera, attempting to shoot him down. They may not always agree on many topics, but when they worked together, the unlikely band of misfits performed the impossible. Xod’s ship crashed, but not before our heroes managed to leap, mid-flight, into the Gamera.

From there they landed, following a fleeing Xod into the dark-side caverns nearby.

They tracked him deep into the caves where they faced him down for the final time. The fight looked bleak, with Kaviss knocked into unconsciousness immediately, and Ryyhash and Ashla on death’s door. At the last minute, Cormick brought his fist into the Hand’s chest, firing a wrist-rocket simultaneously. The blast knocked the dark Jedi through the wall, and the mountain collapsed down onto him. The others fled just as the rest of the cave fell. The explosion even loosened the mountain’s grip on the crashed Venator Star Destroyer they had seen on arrival, and the colossal star ship crashed to earth.


Today I lost a mentor, Odak. Xod managed to get his greedy tendrils on him and drained him of all his being. Although he physically isn’t dead, his mind is…gone. More of a living death which I care not to fathom in knowing what it would be like to have all you are drained from you from such a disgusting creature like Xod. He will be missed; however he has set me on the path to being greater than I already am. With Odak’s knowledge of the Jedi, he has named the location of Ossus for me where there may still yet be Jedi relics, like holocrons, to learn from and become an even greater Force U- Jedi than I am now. I am determined to go there when I get the chance and improve so if I ever confront Xod again, we will be on equal footing.

It seems Aleena was betrayed by one of her business partners or even “friend” if one dares to venture such a concept for her. It is as I feared for her, she is learning the hard way that such “friends” as she has come to know would one day reveal their true colors and betray her. I guess the Force works in such ways to teach such lessons. I hope she will realize that the ones currently surrounding her are her real friends instead of mere tools to use to further her own agendas.

I was impressed by how well we worked together recently. We foiled Xod and his forces and defeated him twice over. It was a close call; I didn’t think any of them would come in time to “rescue” me. Luckily I still had my lightsaber on me when Xod took me captive so I was able to escape on my own if needs me. One question does come to my mind however, did he blatantly let me keep it or did he simply not notice in his blind arrogance? I guess I may never know the answer to that. Thankfully, my faith in my friends and allies paid off as they came in the nick of time! It is amazing what we can accomplish working together! It is too bad that some of us don’t get along personally and long enough to work together all of the time; otherwise we would probably be unstoppable!

However, it seems we will be working together to overthrow Vienne from her seat of power on Ryloth. I am almost excited to see what we can do when we work together on doing this!


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